UniTube: Retirement of Service

Unitube is reaching the end of its service and will not be available beyond the end of 2018. We strongly encourage users to migrate their media to other hosting platforms such as Otago Podcasts, Otago Capture or external hosting services such as YouTube or Vimeo. For students of MART333 in 2018: Unitube is still available for you to upload your assignments to and you should follow the instructions provided by your teaching staff. If you require any assistance on migrating content or selecting a new hosting provider please contact the ITS Service Desk


  1. First, upload all the files required for your presentation (audio, PowerPoint etc.) as usual on the 'My Media’ page. Once your files have been uploaded, from the ‘My Media’ page, click on ‘My Presenter’.
  2. Click ‘Create new presentation’. This will load the screen where you can select your files. You can also find the ‘Create New Presentation’ link above your media list on the ‘My Media’ page.
  3. Enter a title for your presentation and select the files you would like to use from the drop-down boxes. You can choose up to two audio/video files. Use the ‘Presentation’ drop-down box to select the file that contains your slideshow or text. Click ‘Save’.
  4. The next screen will display your new presentation, including a link to view it. If you would like to adjust the timing of the pages, load the synchronisation tool by clicking on ‘Sync’.
  5. The ‘Synchronisation workspace’ will display your audio/video file(s) in a timeline. Click ‘Add a slide’. The pop-up window will display all the slides or pages of your presentation or document. Click the first page you would like to insert into the audio/video timeline.
  6. The page you have selected will be represented by a point on an orange timeline bar, underneath the audio/video timeline. You can click and drag the point to match it with a point in the audio/video file.
  7. Repeat the last two steps for each of the pages/slides you wish to use. The pages will also be displayed on the screen, with two time points listed underneath them. These represent the start and the end times of when that particular page will appear.
  8. You can continue to adjust the synchronisation by clicking and dragging the points on the orange timeline until you are happy with your presentation. You can view it as you go by clicking ‘View this presentation’.
  9. Click ‘Save Presentation’ when you are done. It is also a good idea to save every so often as you go - you will be kept on the same page.